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  • Round Diamond Rings with Sidestones

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    Distinct from three stone diamond rings, our diamond rings with side stones are designed to highlight a single center stone. Your diamond will visually pop from a backdrop of shimmering diamonds at the sides of the ring. Pave settings will glow in low light environments. Channel set rings draw visual lines from the hand that approach the center stone, leading the eye to your symbol of commitment and love.

    trillion solitaire engagement ring

    Perfect for a wedding proposal surprise, our round diamond rings with sidestones come unique with brilliance and fire that will absolutely leave her in amaze. Consider designing your own diamond for your perfect engagement setting and get the diamond and the setting of her dreams. The iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry brand is among the best selling jewelries, unique from other jewelry stores. We offer a noticeable flexibility in catering to customize your desired setting and diamond for your wedding ring.

    trillion solitaire engagement ring

    Selecting the ideal clarity, color and cut of your center diamond is a top priority in engagement ring selection. It is also the major cost determining factor. Diamond engagement rings with side stones will come set with stones of standard color and clarity. Since they are small, the stones can be of lesser quality than the center diamond and still accentuate it properly. These small glittering stones lead the way to the limelight of the beautiful center diamond shining brightly with elegance and pride. A diamond ring is one sure piece she will never forget, much more when you pair it with diamond earrings that she wanted the most.

    trillion solitaire engagement ring

    If you have questions about the side stones in any of the items in our bridal collection, please contact us. Fine jewelry is our expertise, and we love to share it. As with our entire engagement ring section, the items come in various shapes, set with round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds and many more. You can still select your ideal center stone based on carat weight, color or clarity. If you can't find what you're looking for, or if you want to modify an existing item to fit your exact needs, visit the iBraggiotti Jewelry Custom Shop.


  • Designer Engagement Rings with Side Stones

    18k gold miraculous medalDon’t confuse emerald pave diamond rings with emerald gemstones. The similarity between the two only lies in the fact that they have the same cut style. However, they do differ in the actual gemstone and in how they are set into the ring design. Traditionally used for emerald gemstones, the emerald cut is a step cut, rectangular in shape and well suited to display the clarity of a gemstone. The pave settings mix the emerald cut diamond with brilliant side stones. Now you will have the chance to bring your unique vision come to life. Turn her dream into reality with our beautiful and ethical custom rings settings. Design a ring that she truly loves and adorn her like a queen. Create the ring of her dreams with our customized diamond engagement rings which you can choose to set with either gold rings or silver rings or pave diamond ring bands. Our enduring collection of promise rings is one of a kind bound to sustain and be adored for years to come.

    24k gold mens wedding bandReview our selection of settings with side stones, each designed to highlight the natural beauty of the center stone and the elegance of the emerald cut. We love the way emerald cut diamonds look with high fashion clothing accentuated with a pair of diamond earrings. If you have a distinguished taste and sense of style, these rings are perfect for you. Get intimate with our unique design of emerald cut pave diamond rings and seduce her with that burning passion of togetherness. Not only do we offer to create magnificent wedding bands for men but also customize requested wedding rings for men to match her perfectly designed emerald cut diamond pave ring. By customizing with us a diamond ring of your choice you will experience a complete metamorphosis of vision transforming into reality by a simple personal touch. You will discover that it will turn out even better than you have imagined.

    24k gold wedding bandsWhat about those people who haven’t hammered out their style yet? If that’s you, you are not alone. Chances are you rarely have an option to pull down “high fashion” in your average week. These rings are great for the casual environment, too. Gemstones go great in groups, and that principle makes these settings a wise choice for any shopper. So shop around now. If you want to compare these rings to a solitaire equivalent, feel free to do so. If we can help in any way, we are only a click away. Use the live chat feature to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable person who wants you to find the best engagement ring ever, without paying too much for it. That’s an exclusive offer unique from all other jewelry stores – a set ring to making diamond bands only at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry.


  • Princess Cut Diamond Pave Rings


    A princess cut pave diamond ring is adorned with shimmering gemstones, just like jewelry of royalty. She will feel like a princess in any of these illustrious pieces. Boasting the square cut diamond, our channel set or pave rings are well appointed with high quality side stones. All our diamond engagement rings are phenomenal. She definitely can’t stop showing it off.


    Matching a band to beautiful rings like these can be a steadfast challenge. How do you know that your ring will look right next to the wedding band you have selected? Take a look at our wedding sets. Many of our lovely side stone engagement rings have already been paired with the perfect band. Our famous engagement diamond rings are obtainable either as superb rings for men or as extremely terrific rings for women.


    You will love the great deal you get on buying our princess cut diamond pave rings coupled with the perfect band, and you will receive them at the same time. No taking out of your busy schedule to go find a wedding band. And no worries as to whether they will look good together. We have already taken care of that. So do your shopping with great confidence on our products. We never settle for anything less than our motto of commitment for excellence, quality and competitive price. Don’t ever take our word for it but rather do your own smart shopping at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry.

  • Fine Engagement Rings

    The jewel engagement rings were presented first and after that came the wedding and commemoration rings. The engagement, wedding and commemoration have its own particular feeling and nothing is littler or lesser than each other. Along these lines, the best thing to make these events extraordinary and flawless is with a jewel ring.

    WD1-0225 At first, a commemoration blessing was a custom just in the 25th year, yet now, most couples found the sentiment, tastefulness and feelings included in praising the commemoration every year and they like to demonstrate their affection every time with a jewel commemoration ring. WD1-0222 The styles of jewel commemoration rings cover a huge reach which originates from the downplayed groups to the eye-popping and rich precious stone rings. In the midst of the well known classics in today’s chance are the women wedding rings which are basic and exquisite to wear dependably. These are the ideal blessing for the men as well as these looks savvy and popular dependably. Indeed, it is the most favored configuration in the midst of men on the off chance that they favor wearing their rings dependably. WD1-0223 With a specific end goal to grab the significance of the ring, a great deal of originators have composed commemoration rings with 2 interweaved groups so as to symbolize the union and affection in the midst of the two individuals. These rings can be extremely straightforward with two-groups of either white or yellow gold studded with precious stones or may even be emotional in sculptural style. While, a couple of the originators like to keep these rings in customary way keeping circles of life, joining hearts and flower topics in the outlines. WD1-0214 The most energizing piece of precious stone commemoration ring is the immense collection in which it is accessible. It might be as basic as the wedding set or may even look altogether changed. What we intend to say here is, a lady having a plain wedding ring and a tremendous solitaire engagement ring can select to get a commemoration ring which is totally diverse to have more assortment. It may incorporate an enclosed ring inserted with extravagant cut jewels.

  • Fine jewelry stores nyc

    There have been so many major changes in the way USA shop for its jewelry over the last couple of decades, that most new launches in the marketplace go largely unnoticed. But there’s one exception www.ibraggiotti.com old and famous jewelry retailer.


    Ibraggiotti is USA largest online retailer which offers the largest collection of jewelry with unique design and best price.

    Ibraggiotti.com offer large range of product like  diamond jewelrygold jewelrysilver jewelry, solitaire diamond. Every product comes from well known brands its give confidence to customer for making high value purchase.


    Ibraggiotti offer direct discount to customer on manufacturing cost, so they can get the best price, we have many repeat customer because of unique product range and trust.

    Please visit ibraggiotti.com today for get special discount

  • Multicolor Acrylic Cross in 14k Yellow Gold

    32This 14k Yellow Gold gemstone cross pendant is simply a perfect choice for any occasion. This historic cross which holds the splendor of purity, love and faith is simply a stylish form to show your love to the special people who brighten your life beautifully. Browse iBraggiotti Fine Jewelrys crosses section for more variety of religious gifts.



  • Special wedding bands to show love and gratitude

    31Wedding bands is the symbol of mutual love as well as commitment. It is not a short-term display of love and affection towards your better half during the ritual however it is just like a promise or assurance you want to have for your life. Unique wedding bands actually have taken the names with in the designs.

    One unique kind of wedding bands is antique look bands. You must have inherited them from your elderly family member or it has been created to give you antique look. Those couples who have got antique looking jewelry may opt for antique bands.

    Well the other kinds of unique wedding bands are personally customized bands. There are chances that they may be expensive as compared to the other bands however they are the one which are quite special and different from others.

    The best part is you can customize these bands in your own way by putting your favorite thoughts expression, engraving the pet names, wedding date or your favorite statements. In fact you can express your feelings by engraving them on the wedding band either by hand or machine.

    Sometimes hand woven bands become special type of wedding bands. These bands can also be chosen so as to represents the intertwined of the two lives as one. It has been recorded that celtic bands are getting really popular because of their distinctive design as well as pattern. You can also personalize them according to the personal preference. As discussed before there is no hurdle related to the designs therefore your personalized bands are definitely unique as well as different.

    Another type of wedding bands is tension set ring. Though it does not look like usual circular cone. This ring is designed to have split plus a stone fitted on to split. The stone generally helps balancing two ends of bands. These bands look attractive and special. Wedding bands come in different custom orders also.

    The other kind is plain conventional style. Though it is traditional, but still it is popular and can be specially prepared by engraving the personal statements. Because of the current trend of the diamond-based rings, this traditional wedding ring has become special and unique.

    To look good is the tendency of any female. The amount of money you spend on your looks varies person to person and it is actually subject to different factors. Our style, taste and preference is an important factor which determines what we should buy. In case you are among those who generally do not cooperate on your accessories as there is cost involved, you will be bound to possess enviable collection of the “fine” jewelry.

    If you will ask anyone what type of jewelry then he / she may reply fine jewelry. A bangle created from brass may look fine to you rather than one made up of gold. Honestly speaking fine jewelry may also be categorized as jewelry created from precious metals like gold, silver and necklace with some semi-precious or precious stones. But this is not the actual and final categorization. The finest jewelry of today’s times is platinum jewelry. It is very necessary that precious metal should actually be fixed with diamonds as well as other stones to qualify the stage of fine jewelry.

    Any type of jewelry which is precious and made from stones as well as metals which we consider precious as well expensive comes in the fine jewelry category. The best silver, gold, diamonds and the platinum are preferred to craft fine jewelry. You can get fine jewelry in different designs, shapes and sizes and these jewelries are crafted immaculately.


  • Mother of Pearl Rings

    29iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry presents the elegance and style with its exquisite mother of pearls ring collection. They come in several natural colors as white to black and nearly every other color in between. Mother of pearl has a subtle but colorful iridescent glow which makes it suitable for any occasion, be it sporty or formal. The colors are coming from its genetics make up, trace metals in the water, food and salt content of the water. The name “mother of pearl” was used by Queen Elizabeth I of England. Mother of Pearl, also called Nacre, forms in the shells of mollusks which are found in both salt and fresh water. Since they are made from a living organism, mother of pearl is an organic jewelry. Browse to see our distinguished collection and see the art made by the natural wonders. You will find that pieces from our selection of mother of pearl ring and jewelry will blend right in with any ensemble.



  • Four Fashion Accessories to Have In Your Closet

    20One thing that I have noticed in all the fashion conscious women is that they do not like to dress themselves without matching a nice accessory. They do not believe that only a dress can give that perfect look and thus, they always like to match their dress with a great piece of accessory that blends amazingly with their overall attire and enhance their look.

    Just like the fashion itself, the silhouettes, shapes and colors of all the accessories change with time. Normally, finding the coolest new looks which is in trend is a bit difficult, but a trendy bag or even an elegant piece of necklace can be pooled with the older clothes in order to get an outfit which looks fresh, new and stylish. For example, an emerald green is the color of season; an appealing green stone necklace looks good and is easier to wear as compared to wearing a bright colored green trouser. Thus, investing a little in some new, trendy and fun accessories can enhance the quality of your closet even if you do not have the latest fashion or trendy clothes to wear in the season.In this post, I will tell you 4 of the most important accessories to have in your closet in order to get that funky, stylish and chic look always. Read on to know them:

    Handbags: A Lot More Than Just Holding Your Money

    Handbags or the purses does not only hold the things which you need when out, they even complete your overall getup or look. A basic simple purse can be the best accessory to carry while going to the office during the weekdays. Whereas, during the weekends, matching your purse with a dress can complete your look and make you get going for the weekend fun. It adds a little fun and class to your outfit. A chic clutch makes your t-shirt and jeans look audacious.

    Spice Up With A Nice Pair of Shoes, Sandals & Boots

    You do not have to match your shoes with your handbag or even your outfit. As a matter of fact, the coolest way to wear shoes these days is going really crazy and wild with your selection. Studs, spikes, color blocking, straps, jewels and mesh have found their path to our feet. Matching a pair of bright color shoes with a simple outfit makes you look funky and add a little zing to your overall look.

    Scarf It Up- Accessory For All Ages

    It looks that each one have their own style and idea about using a scarf. Many people wear them as a belt whereas, some like to wear it as a headgear. Some like to wear it as a shawl whereas, some like to wear it as a halter top. So on and so forth, a scarf has multiple uses and how you use it completely depends on your own personal taste and style. A scarf is a must-have accessory which adds glam to your outfit tremendously. A silk scarf is amid the favorites in all men and women. These enhances the overall look drastically with its sheen and richness. Thus, it is a great accessory to be worn in new ways each time you go out to office, party with friends or even out for a date.

    Add A Dash Of Elegance With A Nice Jewelry

    Mostly all the women agree that jewelry are a part of their everyday outfit and should be worn 24x7. A fine piece of jewelry makes a great fashion statement if paired with a perfect outfit. Some of the recent trend include black and gold jewelry and the artificial stone studded ones. Having a black piece is a must as this works great with almost all the color outfits and for all the patterns too.

    Teaming up your outfit with at least one accessory is a must as it adds charm and glam to your outfit. It makes you look complete and stylish. Thus, ensure to have the best of scarves, handbags, jewelry and shoes to look your best always! Compromising on these will make you compromise on your looks. Thus, if you like to be one of the fashionistas, get all these and share your sense of styling with us now!


  • Exquisite range of Gold and Silver wedding Jewelry

    7Jewelry has always been an important part of any wedding especially for women’s. Wedding is very sentimental and ceremonial day for a bride. She puts all the efforts to make wedding look really fabulous and exciting to the guests. When it comes to choosing perfect wedding jewelry then brides can ask for a little help. This is an expert article which can help you in choosing right type of wedding jewelry.

    All the brides need magnificent piece of wedding jewelry to complete their attire and look for the big day of their life. However that is just a beginning because you will also need bridesmaid jewelry which is generally given as thank you gifts during any bridal party. Nowadays you will find so many online stores which offers silver jewelry. They ensure that you get a large selection to choose from. Their knowledgeable staff will also help you to choose the best of the lot. These online stores also have some of the greatest handcrafted silver jewelry.

    Gold pendants are perfect wedding gift for a bride. It can be bought easily. Other than that gold pendants are durable and used by the wearer for a long time. Women love jewelries, in fact it is an essential part of her wardrobe. It is believed that all the women loves diamond however when it comes to the value, reliability, durability and trustworthiness, then gold is definitely the best option.

    Though with the passing time gold prices has never gone down. It is among the most valuable metals and adds right amount of sparkle to any dress. There are different options to be considered when it gets to gold pendants. It suits every woman having different taste, designs, style. You will something of your choice. A gold pendant not only looks good but also reflects your personality. Every other jewelry that a woman has it is the pendant made up of gold which make the difference.

    Gold pendants are available in different shapes, designs, style and sizes. There are so many options which you can consider including myriad pieces. The gold pendant can be worn as good luck jewelry by the person to whomsoever you show. Therefore you can choose a motif which will have some kind of religious look.

    In case you are interested in buying pendants which are not big in size, then it will be good if you choose the one which do not have lot of stones. Depending on the size of the pendant, number stones should be chosen.

    Shape of the pendant is one more important consideration. People generally choose common options such as dragonflies, dolphins, fairies and they look quite decent also. You need to make sure that you check the material of the pendant and the gold quality.

    The stone color is also a paramount concern. Keep one thing in mind that color of the stone goes perfectly with the value of the pendant. When you have to choose from colored stones and colorless one then always go for colorless stone because they are pure and have no impurities trapped.

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