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Diamond Shapes

The shape of a diamond can affect its brilliance and appearance. The six basic shapes are: round, oval, pear, heart, marquise and rectangle/square.

There are also other shapes such as: triangle, cushion (square with rounded corners and sides), baguette, and fantasy cuts.

Fantasy cuts are unusual shapes such as stars. Fancy shapes are any shapes except round and are usually referred to as fancies. For example, a pear shape is a fancy shape. A baguette is a square-cornered, rectangular-shaped diamonds.

Cutting Styles

The three basic types of cuts according to the GIA are: step cut, brilliant cut, and mixed cut.

Step cuts:

A step cut has rows of facets which are normally four-sided, elongated, and parallel to the girdle.

Types of Step Cuts:

Baguette- is a square-cornered, rectangular shaped diamond with rows of step-like facets.

Tapered Baguette- has two long sides of the baguette tapering inward.

Emerald Cut- is a step cut with clipped-off corners.

Asscher Cut- a type of emerald cut containing a small table, a high crown, and a deep pavilion.

Brilliant Cuts:

A brilliant cut has triangular-, kite-, or lozenge-shaped facets which radiate outwards around the stone.

Types of Brilliant Cuts:

Single Cut- this cut produces 17-18 facets.

Rose Cut- this particular cut has triangular facets, a pointed dome-shaped crown, a flat base, and a circular girdle.

Old Mine Cut- has 58 facets, a high crown, a small table, and a large culet. These types of cuts are usually found on cushion shaped stones.

Old European Cut- has 58 facets, a high crown, a small table, and a large culet.

Briolette Cut- is a tear-drop shape with a circular cross-section and brilliant-style facets. Occasionally, this type of cut is rectangular and contains step-cut style facets. Gemstone pendants or earrings tend to have this type of cut.

Mixed Cuts:

A mixed cut contains both step cut and brilliant cut facets. This particular cut is mostly used on colored stones rather than on diamonds.

Radiant Cuts:

A radiant cut is a brilliant-cut square or rectangle with clipped off corners similar to the emerald cut and contains 70 facets.

Trilliant Cuts:

A trilliant cut is a triangular brilliant cut stone with curved sides and a high crown. Stones with this cut are also known as a trillion.

Princess Cuts:

A princess cut is a brilliant-cut square, rectangle or cushion shaped stone containing between 57-70 facets with variable proportions.

Choosing Right Shaped Diamond

When choosing the right diamond certain factors come into consideration. One major factor is the price. Another major factor is the brilliance of the diamond. When trying to determine the right diamond for you, you should ask yourself the following questions:

What type of diamond shape do you prefer?
How much brilliance do you want your diamond to have?
What diamond weight do you prefer?
What size diamond do you prefer?
What diamond shape and size flatters your hand the most?
What particular color and clarity are you looking for in a diamond?
Why are you buying this diamond? Is it for pleasure or an investment?
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