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Emerald Cut Antique Diamond Rings

A Three Stone Step Cut Engagement Ring

Emerald cut antique diamond rings are beautiful settings that highlight the unique qualities of emerald cut stones. Since the step cuts accentuate the clarity of a stone, an antique setting with extra detail and side stones adds brilliance and depth to the piece. Each emerald antique engagement ring is designed to be work for years. Emerald cut diamonds rectangular shapes, makes them step cut stones. They are set apart from other shapes, such as pear or marquise.

These three stone step cut pieces make beautiful engagement rings. The term “emerald cut” originated from the cutting of the true gemstone, emerald, which later was applied to diamonds. It refers to a step cut in a rectangular shape with clipped-off corners. Compared to round cut it is less fiery and brilliant but tends to radiate broader, intense flashes of light. Its only main setback is the cut’s tendency to display color weakness and cut flaws, associated with the openness of the cut.

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings create an edge through its big flat table situated at the top of the ring. Such large facet highlights the diamond’s clarity and beauty. They are not traditionally looking like the round cut diamond rings and they are not as trendy as the princess cut antique rings. However, emerald cut antique diamond rings can be obtained in extremely fine qualities as well as in very affordable prices. Before thinking of getting wedding rings, wedding bands or any bridal rings, try these promise rings first. Have your fiancée ware it with matching diamond earrings which will look gracefully sophisticated on her. Looking for the brand with the finest quality? Do your smart shopping at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry. We offer not only magnificent diamond rings but also dramatic gold rings at the quality and price you will never get from other jewelry stores.

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