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Cushion Pave Diamond Rings

Romantic Diamond Rings for Your Engagement

The secret to a obtaining a remarkable engagement ring begins with selecting the finest diamond. You will find that cushion diamond cuts are exceptional in making your engagement rings stand out. Every diamond ring at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry can be customized to hold a cushion center stone and the ring design of your choice. The cushion cut, also known as pillow cut, is a sensual shape that creates a subtle flash. To highlight the diamond’s clarity and increase its brilliance, the facets are made larger. Cushion shapes may vary from square to rectangular, a modified cut from the round to oval shape range. Cushion cut diamonds require at least four prongs to establish a secured setting. Larger diamonds will require more prongs to keep it secure and steady in place. Although cushion cut is considered an antique cut, its marvelous and classic look makes a romantic diamond for the engagement rings.

Enhance your fiancé’s feminine aura with our exceptional set of cushion pave diamond rings. These rings feature larger center diamonds that carry their size with charm. You will experience the magic that these diamond engagement rings bring into your life as you arrange your marriage proposal over a candlelight dinner. Also termed as candlelight diamonds, she will be amazed at how they sparkle by the brilliance they reveal, at her first sight. This breathtaking piece of rings for women will definitely sweep her off her feet as she will love the romantic attraction of dazzling diamond on her finger. This only comes once in your lifetime, one true love sealed with one of a kind promise ring sensation. This one remarkable diamond engagement ring binds two hearts together to become a single promise of eternal love.

iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry also carries incomparable wedding sets that will add the finishing touch to your dream of living happily ever after. Our complete set of magnificent bridal rings includes inspiring gold rings and impressive wedding rings for men. Our vast collection of diamond rings will offer a fine engagement ring which perfectly will suit your taste according to the shape and cut of the diamonds of your choice. We also offer other engagement diamond rings in marquise shapes and heart shapes. Our diamond ring bands come glorious in pave and channel settings, unique diamond bands you will not find in other jewelry stores. So come and shop smartly at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry and receive your gift of everlasting love with our stunning cushion pave diamond rings.

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