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Oval Diamond Pave Rings

A Modern Cut of Engagement Ring

Have you ever wondered how an oval pave diamond ring would look on your finger? It's not the type of thing most people dream about, but the look is truly one of a kind. A modified version of the traditional round cut, oval diamonds put emphasis on long, slender fingers. Their elliptical shape appears bigger than a round diamond of the same carat weight which boasts for a beautiful engagement ring. Consider one of these beautiful pieces if you are thinking outside the box. Get your own ring design of the oval pave diamond rings series. A diamond ring for a wedding set that is meant to be with you forever deserves to be sophisticatedly created. While it sets a timeless union of two couples committed in love, it likewise represents mutual love in the past, present and future. Of course, these rings come in a box like all of the others!

So what sets these beautiful pieces apart from the rest? The oval shaped diamond is known for its attractiveness and versatility, particularly for round body types. Pair it with bold lines of diamond side stones that lead the eye straight to the center stone. The channel setting allows diamonds to settle into a channel in a smooth look that makes them appear free standing. Channel set rings are perfect for magnificent diamond ring bands. The pave setting, on the other hand, inserts diamonds into small, pre-formed holes that seem almost level to the surface of the ring, another perfect setting for engagement diamond rings. Rings with pave or channel set and with oval diamonds in the center are a timeless choice for your diamond engagement rings.

For shoppers who are new to jewelry, we recommend a quick look at our resource designed just for you. Our education section has everything you need to become an informed smart shopper. At iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry you will get to know all types of magnificent rings and spectacular genuine stones from beautiful antique rings and elegant oval diamond pave rings to gorgeous bridal rings and stunning promise rings. You will also discover our marvelous collection of glittery diamond bands, dazzling diamond earrings and awesome wedding bands as well as shimmering wedding rings like you have never encountered in other prestigious jewelry stores before. With appropriate and satisfactory knowledge, you will never lose sight of such beautiful, timeless collection, only at New York’s best!


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