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Oval Diamond Solitaire Rings

A Contemporary Engagement Ring for the Love of Your Life

When you are shopping for an engagement ring, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Take the oval diamond ring for example. Its elegant shape sets almost any engagement setting apart. The oval shaped stone can be configured horizontally or vertically, and it looks stunning in both. Traditionally an egg-shaped cut, the oval diamond is rarely seen in bridal jewelry, but it is stunning in engagement settings. Oval diamond solitaire rings are a unique ring design that specifically matches with certain body frames. Similarly, an oval diamond solitaire ring is not suitable for all body types. If you or your loved one has a particularly round frame, an oval diamond will exaggerate your features. On the other hand, this shape can highlight the same features in other body types. Few stones match the unique beauty of the oval cut diamond. This type of engagement diamond rings is made with a contemporary setting to uphold the beauty of the love of your life.

iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry proudly advocates world class diamond engagement rings. Our spectacular collection of engagement rings is renowned with supreme quality and excellent craft. You will be amazed at how the contemporary look of oval diamond dazzles perfectly on her finger. You will want to obtain a carat diamond with the finest brand; we offer that only to special people like you. You can easily determine the carat weight of diamond that will fit within your budget. We will customize the ring of your dreams with your choice of cut, color, and clarity grade. All our bridal rings are certified by GIA. You will certainly get the diamond report certificate at your request. Above all, you can find the complete set of unique diamond rings and gold rings at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry store. Your instincts will direct you to finding the marvelous diamond ring or gold jewelry from the vast array of glamorous diamonds and rings. All these are set into beautiful antique rings, splendid wedding rings and glorious promise rings.

To make the best of your engagement proposal, avoid placing an oval diamond in any other setting than one designed specifically for that type of stone. The shape is unique and beautiful, but it requires a specific type of setting to accentuate the stone’s unique qualities correctly. If you are unsure about your setting, consider a round diamond ring or a princess cut diamond ring. Or better pair her engagement ring with our exquisite diamond earrings and diamond necklace. Else, you may visit our education section to enrich you knowledge about diamond rings. Or chat with us anytime as we have a team of well trained customer service representatives always ready at your service. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry offers a free service in making you design a ring that will make her proud for the rest of her life.


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