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Round Solitaire Rings

The Most Popular Engagement Setting

Round diamond solitaire rings are the most popular engagement setting. If you are looking for something special that will never go out of style, buy a diamond ring. If you want a classic setting that you will never regret, purchase a round diamond engagement ring. There are plenty of options within the sphere of round rings. An array of choices in a lovely spectrum of settings and metals awaits you.

Choosing your setting can be a challenge, because there are so many options. Take the historical Tiffany setting, for example. You must select the number of prongs in the setting, and that is not necessarily an easy task. A four prong setting is beautiful, and it gives your stone maximum exposure to light and to the eyes to see it. This is ideal for smaller stones, anywhere from a quarter carat to a half carat diamond. A six prong setting will be more secure, and for larger stones it will grip the girdle better, giving you peace of mind.

Beyond the classic four or six prong round solitaire setting, several other options exist. Cathedral settings are impressive, vaulting the stone over the band in dramatic fashion. Modified prong settings or no prong settings like bezel, flush or bar settings can be a unique choice. If you find yourself unsure of what to do, the safest bet is the simple round solitaire diamond engagement ring in a prong setting. For the individual spirit, consider looking in to the antique diamond engagement rings, they are also truly amazing.

Select a metal type that suits you. What is your preference? What is your fiances preference? Think about skin tones and even your style preference when it comes to fashion. If you wear a lot of bright colors, white gold or platinum will always compliment them. If you default to earth tones or grays, yellow gold can add a bit of color to your palette. Two-tone rings are getting more and more popular because they offer the best of both worlds. If you are wondering where to start with gold carat weight, it is best to start at 14K gold. Anything less pure can cause skin irritation.

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