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Three Stone Rings

Three Stone Rings

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The Power of Three

You see it everywhere. Literature harps on the efficaciousness of the trifecta (read the Three Little Pigs lately?) Greek and Roman mythology echos the historical importance of life defined by threes (three fates or three muses). Religions tout the power of three (trinity, anyone?) We could go for a while on this theme, but you probably get the point. So why should the symbol of your engagement be a three stone diamond ring?

There is nothing in the stars pointing you to a three stone ring (or if there is, we haven't caught wind of it, yet). But three symbolic diamonds connote so much more than a solitaire engagement ring. If you're not ready, you can always keep it in mind as an anniversary ring. Lots of couples are looking to three stone diamond rings as a way to integrate a family diamond. If you have a diamond of sentimental value and you want it set with two other stones, we can help. Check out the iBraggiotti Jewelry Custom Shop.

Shopping for Three Stone Diamond Rings

Browse our collection for your three stone diamond engagement ring. In some cases, you can select the side stone diamond weight. The diamonds come in a variety of shapes, like princess cut or round cut. In all cases, unless otherwise noted, the side stones are G/H color and SI1, VS2 clarity. Curious about the Four C's? Become an informed shopper at Jewelry 101.


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