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Oval Diamond Three Stone Rings

A Trinity Ring with a Fashionable Style

Mark the important milestones in your life with our amazing set of gorgeous oval diamond three stone rings. Three stone rings are an ideally set ring designed neither too much nor too little. The two diamond stones in either side strongly accentuate a brilliant center stone, resulting to an extremely glamorous look. The three stones carry the symbol of the three phases of love – past, present and future. Your love story is a living witness of one true love that is meant to last till eternity. Oval shape is a contemporary blueprint to the common round diamond. Just in time to blend with the present trend, oval three stone rings make a splendid gift for an engagement ring, a promise ring, a wedding ring or any bridal ring. Oval shape is a chic design for a diamond ring so you will always be confident that you never go out of style in your engagement proposal.

iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry offers an extensive collection of engagement diamond rings as well as wedding rings, promise rings, engagement rings and bridal rings. You will never lose any chance of getting the perfect diamond ring, which she has wished all her life. We can tailor according to her taste and provide you with diamond rings that will drop your jaw with wonder. Quality is of utmost important to us which guarantees that we do not ship cheap rings or any rings for men and rings for women that did not pass our scrupulous standards. We value everyone’s desire for a first rate diamond ring with certified cut, color and clarity. And for that we market only world class bridal sets, wedding bands, diamond engagement rings and diamond ring bands.

Legend has it that the three stones demonstrate balance, unity and commitment in a relationship that will stand the test of time. An oval diamond three stone ring will therefore make a perfect choice to immortalize the moment once you wear it to your special someone. Other than the oval cut, you can also opt for the traditional round diamond three stone rings, or the lovely princess cut diamond three stone rings, or the fantastic emerald cut diamond three stone rings. If you want to be oriented with the different diamond shapes and styles, visit our education section for more information. You can also avail of our live chat feature if you want a quicker and more detailed interaction with our customer representative. We are ready to help you anytime!

Need Help Shopping for an Oval Three Stone Diamond Ring?

If you have your eye on an oval three stone diamond ring, you have a great engagement ring in mind. An oval cut diamond looks stunning between two side accent stones. Going beyond the simple solitaire and a step above simpler cuts like round or princess, the oval is unique and elegant.When you are shopping for a diamond engagement ring, there are a few important things to keep in mind. The price of your diamond will depend a great deal on its quality. Measuring diamond quality is a standard process, and your diamond grade will be consistent between different jewelers.

The color of your stone is different from a fancy colored diamond like yellow or black. Diamond color refers to how clear the stone is. It refers to the degree and number of noticeable blemishes in the stone, called inclusions. An SI2 stone, for example, is the second degree slightly included, meaning there are some visible impurities under a microscope.

The size of your diamond is the next cost determining factor. It is more noticeable than the color or clarity, and it is important to balance your size with your side stones and with the engagement setting you have chosen. All of the items in our three stone diamond engagement ring section are matched with appropriately sized stones.


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